Buyer Consolidation

Jagat Freight Logistics (India) Private Limited Buyer Consolidation is our core activity and capability. We can receive cargo from multi vendors at any of our warehouses and custom load containers to suit your requirements. This would translate into more speedy delivery at destination and the container can be unloaded at the stores directly. We offer a Multi Country Program too, which can improve container loadability and means savings on ocean freight

Complete one stop solutions

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Jagat Freight Logistics (India) Private Limited primarily serves the purpose of detailing what the consolidation division can do to enhance the value of your product. The primary objective of Jagat Freight Logistics (India) Private Limited is to manage the information and product of our customers as it moves through the supply chain, in order to enable our customers to manage inventory and have visibility on their products right from the time it is manufactured till it is delivered safe in the hands of the customer  
  The movement of a product starts when it is manufactured and the origin services are very vital in efficiently shipping this product to the destination. In this respect Jagat Freight Logistics (India) Private Limited has excellent facilities at origin to ensure the product is efficiently sent on its way to its destination. Our Quality Control Program offers you one stop platform where your merchandisers can do a quality check at one place instead of traveling to each vendor factory to check on the quality of your product. We have a unique Just in Time Delivery Program, where we can hold your shipment in transit at any of our warehouses to deliver at the time it is required